Taking the Leap

We chatted with the gorgeous Katie Meier about her recent engagement and her new life as a fiance

How did he propose?
He proposed at the place we met almost 6 years ago! We were both juniors at Texas State and we met one Thursday on "college night" at Texas Music Theater (TMT)! On the day he proposed, he told me we were going to grab lunch at Railyard in San Marcos. We parked far away and I was a little bit confused why but didn't really think much about it. We stopped in front of formerly TMT but now it's called "The Marc" and that's where he asked! We walked over to Railyard from there and all of our close family and friends were there to celebrate! I had no idea and it was so special! I cried for probably 3 days straight because I was so happy. 

How long have you been engaged and do you have a date yet?
We've been engaged since October 22nd, 2016 and we are getting married in Cancun, Mexico on November 5th, 2017.

Any advice to newly engaged girls out there?
Don't start stressing and take in every moment!

What are some of your favorite things so far about being engaged?
1. Planning a wedding is so fun! Seriously! Since we're getting married at a resort in Cancun, it's like we're planning a big vacation for all of our friends to go on! I can't wait for it! 2. REGISTERING! Oh my gosh. Getting all new kitchen stuff is so exciting and makes me want to cook 10 times as much! 3. And of course - it's amazing to think I get to be with my very best friend for the rest of my life! Every morning I wake up so blessed.

Bride to be: Katie Meier
Photographer: Jackie Willome
Dress: $68 Chelsea Dress


Best wishes to the Bride and Groom #SunSandAndSyring


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