Featured Brand: Pistola

We would love to have the pleasure of welcoming Pistola into our RR family.


The only sound to be heard is the creaking of beaten up wooden floorboards under a Cuban heel. The night air is broken with the noise of a rusted hinge slowly releasing. Through the saloon doors enters the women. She turns to the wide eye cowboy and says:

“Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 


Inspired by the adventure of the Wild West coast and its colorful music history. Pistola evokes a rock and vintage aesthetic whilst aiming to bring you bold forward pieces so that you look as adventurous as your spirit.

They create denim that feels like a second skin and we aim to inspire and emphasize your unique style.

Their quality fabrics and authentic washes celebrate the contours of your body, only enhanced with our killer fits.

Pistola was launched on the first full moon of 2013 but has the backing of over 25 years in the denim industry. Their short history has seen our showroom stock pure denim but our growing popularity is pushing us into new categories and unique retailers.



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